Evo-stik Resin W extra fast wood adhesive

SKU: 489269084e64

Resin W interior extra fast wood adhesive 1L

Evo-Stik Resin ‘W’ Extra Fast Wood Adhesive is a one part synthetic resin emulsion adhesive which has been specially developed for wood bonding operations involving both softwoods and hardwoods, as applied to the manufacture of assemblies for indoor use
Evo-Stik Resin ‘W’ Extra Fast Wood Adhesive is widely used for the assembly of framework, and is applicable to jointing by mortice and tenon, dowels, plain or bevelled lap joints, etc. It is also suitable for bonding wood veneers and laminated plastics to wood or chipboard cores, and for the bonding of cores in the manufacture of blockboard
Available in a variety of sizes


White ( dries clear )

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