Xtratherm Thin-R XT/PR

SKU: 6bb8251bcb4e

Using Xtratherm Thin-R XT/PR on sloped roofs, whether
Warm, Hybrid or Vented can provide the most efficient U-values with minimal intrusion into valuable living space.

Certified Lambda Value
as low as 0.022 W/mK
Easy to Install
High Thermal Performance Rigid Insulation

Sizes Available:

25mm (H) X 2400 (W) X 1200 (D)
60mm (H) X 2400 (W) X 1200 (D)
70mm (H) X 2400 (W) X 1200 (D)
80mm (H) X 2400 (W) X 1200 (D)
100mm (H) X 2400 (W) X 1200 (D)
125mm (H) X 2400 (W) X 1200 (D)

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