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Faithfull 3 Piece Woodwork Kit Planes & Try Square

SKU: 5023969305219

Faithfull 3 Piece Woodwork Kit Planes & Try Square

No 4 Smoothing Plane:Traditional bench plane.Suitable for both hard and soft woods.50mm (2in) quality cutter.Overall length 254mm (10in).Hardwood handle and knob for comfort.Precision machined for accurate adjustment.

60½ Block Plane: Accurately machined fine grey iron casting. 35mm (1.3/8in) wide plane iron, set at the low angle of 13½°. Ideal for end grain and plastic laminates. Fully adjustable depth of cut. Adjustable mouth: Wide for coarse work , Narrow for fine shaving.

230mm (9in) Try Square: Hardwood stock. Twin faced with heavy gauge brass. Black spring steel blade. 3 Brass rivet fixing for lasting accuracy.

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